Competition Information

Summer Assignment 2018

The seven themes for the Summer Assignment are:

  1. On the Front Line
  2. Cycle(s)
  3. Musician(s)
  4. Domestic Animal(s), including Farm Animal(s)
  5. Looking Up
  6. Texture(s)
  7. Generation Gap

Images must be taken between 1st May and 30th September 2018.

Anderson Quaich

The theme for the Anderson Quaich Competition is The Letter "N"
i.e. A subject beginning with the letter "N" or a shape forming the letter "N"

General Competition Guidelines

The complete rules are printed in the Club's Constitution and Competition Rules publication
(2008 edition), with amendments 2009-2011.

For convenience the main points are listed below.

Definition - Digital Images

This definition only applies to PCPC competitions.

Digital manipulation is not allowed in competitions for the
  • Bowie and Ila Bowie Trophies
  • Summer Assignment Trophy

It is allowed in all other PCPC competitions.

An image is considered Digitally Manipulated if using computer software functions:

  • Subject elements are introduced
  • Subject elements are removed
  • Subject elements are altered or distorted
  • Partial desaturation alters an element

An image is not considered Digitally Manipulated if using computer software functions:

  • Blemishes or scratch marks are removed
  • An image is cropped or resized
  • Adjustment of exposure, contrast, sharpness or colour correction is performed
  • An entire image is desaturated from colour to monochrome

Preparation of Digital Entries

Digital files should be in the form of JPEGs and no more than 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high.
Files should be saved with the sRGB colour profile.
Digital entries should be submitted by email (preferred option) to:
or on CD or USB memory device.

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